As an integrative and holistic practitioner, Karen guides you through issues, trauma, and blocks with "inner child" (emotional) work as the foundation.  


Individual Sessions or Couples Counseling:  (In-person or telephone for Individual Session)

60 Minutes:       $125

90 Minutes        $180

IBSR Sessions

120 Minutes        $250

Limited Session:

30 Minutes:        $65

45 Minutes:        $90

Complimentary phone consultation. 704-340-2252. 

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"Inner child" work removes blocks and sabotaging patterns, heals painful childhood experiences, and can change your life in a surprisingly short period of time.

We all have a "child", "adolescent", and "adult" part of our consciousness within us. Most of us yearn to live in the wise mind of our "adult" and the heart of our joyful "child". Old wounds can cause triggering events to be healed. When we do this work, beliefs and emotions transform and the inner talk changes as the inner child heals. We are then able to live more authentically. We feel safe, our sense of self-love and self-worth increases, and our relationships change. 

Experience the transformational power of "inner child" work. Free yourself of issues causing emotional blocks and harmful thought patterns and beliefs.

Karen Campion, MHt