Energy healing frees the energy blocks in the body to regain balance and activate your own inner healing. Energy work during or after a session integrates shifts made during the session to hold new energetic patterns, allowing the body to heal and find balance.


15 minutes:         $30

30 minutes:        $60

60 minutes:        $125


Karen is a Holy Fire II Reiki Master Teacher. She also works with other Healing systems including Barbara Brennan, Donna Eden Energy Medicine, and Reconnective Energy healing. She is adept at working Meridians and Chakras and balancing the energetic body in regressed states which is healing for trauma patients. 

Karen practices Hara Healings and the rare Healing of the Divine Presence. She works in the energy field and sometimes on specific points on the body both in person or over the phone.

Clients with physical body pain such as head, back, stomach, neck or other physical ailments can get relief from a 15 minute or 30 minute energy session either in person or over the telephone, and that may be all that is needed for healing. There can be deeper emotional reasons the body is distressed or blocked which may require guidance sessions to assist.   

Karen Campion, MHt

Karen Campion, MHt