Karen grew up in Western Springs, a suburb of Chicago. "On the outside, it looked stable, but my father was an alcoholic and feeling safe at home or in life was not my experience. Searching for peace became an obsession for me. Thirsting for knowledge, sent me into every self help book and higher guidance that I could find. I tried working with my Business and Teaching degrees, but found them unfulfilling... until in my 40's, I went out on my own to help guide others with what I had just begun to learn from my searching.

After age 50, a sickness came and lasted over 3 years. Childhood feelings returned for healing, and the symptoms were intense and debilitating: my spine quivered continuously, and my body was blanketed in heat and electrical sparks. Completely overcome with fatigue, I wasn't walking except in a few rooms of my house.  Numbness and tingling overtook the body. Sometimes the eyes didn't track correctly, and continuous flashes of light appeared. Most of those years were spent in bed, in despair. Believing I was dying, I disappeared from life, leaving my husband and daughter behind.

After many doctors and MRI's, I explored more fully complementary and alternative healing methods. Friends and colleagues used energy medicine so I could walk, and others meditated daily for me, so I was enveloped in support, but trapped by my past and still-unwell body. Inner Child emotional work was my counseling system for healing the trauma and childhood wounds that were manifesting in my body. It took time to heal and integrate. Yet since then, this incredible Inner Child work has become the foundation of my Holistic practice. The complementary tools I learned were gifts that integrated the Inner Child work and provided more relief and deeper healing. I worked on myself every day... and miracles found me. The trajectory of my life started to change. When I embraced getting well, happiness came along the way. Today, I walk with my dog, support my husband's business and spend time outside of my own practice enjoying life with friends and family. I truly feel extraordinarily whole.

Teachers and healers have been a part of my life for years, and my intuition has developed along the way. However, it was my illness that pushed me into finding practical, hands-on tools that I work with today and share with my clients. I firmly believe that there is a way out of pain and illness; however, the way out begins with going in. Helping others find their way "in" to a loving, empowered life gives me great joy!"

Be well..

325 Matthews Mint-Hill Rd Suite 103, Matthews, NC

E-mail: kcampionk@gmail.com Phone: (704) 340-2252

Credentials & TRAINING

Clinical & Master Transpersonal Hypnotherapist

Inner Child Therapist (The Adult Chair)

Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher

Advanced PSYCH-K      (Psychological Kinesiology)

Donna Eden Energy Medicine

 Barbara Brennan & Reconnective Energy

Meridian & Chakra Balancing

Hara Healings & Healing of the Divine Presence

IBSR - Integration Based Stress Removal 

Somatic Experiencing

Faster EFT

NLP-Neurolinguistic Programming


Matrix Re-imprinting

Ordained Minister

Attachment Wound (Dare 1 & 2)




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