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Self-Love Class

Anxiety, Depression & Self Love

Secrets of Anxiety

Muscle Test Workshop

Energy Class

Chronic Pain

Healing Trauma with the Inner Child




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Calming Anxiety & Other Fears

 Ongoing - $45

Anxiety is the pseudo-emotion that covers up true feelings, such as fear. It paralyzes us and prevents us from taking action to change our lives. Over the course of this lesson you will learn natural, holistic tips and techniques to overcome anxiety and the "trauma" in the energy field that contributes to it.

Healing Trauma Through the Inner Child

Life experiences such as divorce, job loss, depression, and our reactions to stress and anxiety can all have roots in unhealed inner child trauma. This class will help you learn how these topics are related and how to live a happier, more positive life.

Anxiety, Depression & Lack of Self-Love Process Group

This group offers tools and experiences with Inner Child Therapy as a foundation.  You will learn complementary techniques such EFT tapping, meditations, and tools for the mind to stabilize while healing emotionally. Life-changing transformations can take place within the comfort and security of an intimate, small-group setting.  Group cost is $45 per session/$40 if fully paid at first class.  Join 6-week group by calling or emailing 704-340-2252 or email

Energy Workshop

This interactive workshop is for people interested in Holy Fire Reiki and other energy techniques such as Donna Eden or Barbara Brennan for healing. Results are often immediate including physical, mental-emotional healing and spiritual healing. Class is for those interested in experiencing energy for self-healing or to support others.  Karen offers individual or classes for Holy Fire Reiki Level 1 through Reiki Master.

Karen Campion, MHt