Before working with Karen, I was in so much pain. I could not move my neck in either direction or look down. I had seen a chiropractor , two different massage therapists, tried natural pain relief methods and even tried Advil and Aleve in desperation which did not help. I finally connected with Karen and said “I think I need some energy work.” She said “Hold on”, and 10 minutes later my neck was 50% better. Within a few hours, it was perfect! NO MORE PAIN. I shared this story with my mom and sister, and they both worked with Karen and also had their neck and back pain relieved. If you are looking for quick, effective pain relief, I highly recommend working with Karen. — Shannon B, holistic health coach
You have something no one else I’ve met has. You create such a feeling of safety without even knowing it! — Laura M
Karen is so understanding! One session with her was better than all my sessions with my current therapist combined. — Mother of Zoe, 13
I’m writing you to let you know that I am no longer afraid of driving under bridges! I’ve had this fear my whole life. — Chantal C
I have seen many therapists over the last 25 years, and none of them has ever created this safe space that you are able to for healing. You are truly gifted. — Marissa S
In my session, I felt so safe that I easily dropped into feelings I didn’t know were there and reached my authentic self. — Nancy B, professional counselor
I am amazed how well your healing methods work! I am so thankful for your guidance. I have felt lost in my life for a long time and repeated one particular pattern without understanding the reason why. With the help of your work, it is now clear to me what I was meant to learn. I have a sense of clarity and understanding on all levels, not just intellectually. I am so grateful for this newfound sense of peace in my life. Thank you, Karen. — Paula L
I saw Karen for a relationship breakup, and she made an immediate difference to my understanding of my situation and my feelings of self-esteem with her gentle yet very effective healing techniques. Her inner child work was incredible, and she has a real gift for making people feel okay while going through difficult and sometimes embarrassing stuff. Although I have been into natural healing all my life, I was never involved in any energy healing first-hand except for acupuncture — so I feel like Karen introduced me to a whole new world. I highly recommend Karen’s skill and her gentle, loving approach. — Elizabeth (CA)

Karen Campion, MHT