Karen offers clinical and transpersonal hypnotherapy at her office in Charlotte, NC.


Clinical hypnotherapy addresses issues such as chronic pain, smoking, weight reduction, changing habits, optimizing health, reducing stress and anxiety, public speaking, phobias, and improving sleep. Hypnotherapy can also increase self-confidence, conquer procrastination and increase job performance.

60 Minutes:       $125

  90 Minutes:       $180  


Transpersonal hypnotherapy includes a spiritual component, as people can find the spiritual answers they have been looking for in situations. It's effective for regressing into childhood to uncover emotional issues that can be linked to pain or habits. Regressions may also show where one picked up certain beliefs and provide relief moving forward. In regression, recovering buried memories is possible. Some people ask to regress further into past lives or find causes to long-term problems. 

90 Minutes:       $180

120 Minutes:       $240