Karen Campion is an Integrative & Holistic Practitioner in Charlotte, NC . Trained in multiple healing modalities, she uses traditional counseling and complementary techniques to promote wellness and healing.

Healing trauma and childhood wounding is Karen's strength.  She is adept at identifying root causes. Recovery from states of panic, anxiety, fear, trauma, co-dependency, broken relationships, and life blocks are natural outcomes of this work. Using Stress models, including IBSR Therapy, Somatic Experiencing and Inner Child work (The Adult Chair) to proven complementary techniques such as Havening, FasterEFT and Matrix Re-Imprinting allows for immediate relief. 

Karen is also trained in hypnotherapy for everything from smoking, weight loss, sleep disorders to public speaking. She is also trained in Complementary energy healing for increasing energy, balancing chakras, releasing blocks, and emotions.

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Karen Campion, MHt

Karen Campion, MHt

Things are changing in me that I have spent my whole life trying to change.
— Danielle B
You helped me open my eyes to a whole new kind of treatment, and it has been extremely helpful.
— Casey